Il Sangue Case Study

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Old Problems

  • Site purpose is unclear
  • Navigation has too many buttons
  • Lots of space goes unused
  • Doesn't entice user to look around site more

New Solutions

  • Site purpose is clear, with company mission statement on homepage
  • Navigation has been consolidated into four simple sections for less clicking
  • Banner can easily be changed by client to promote new product
  • Image carousel can feature multiple new items
  • News section updates customers


Old Problems

  • Items for sale and items not for sale aren't separated easily
  • Too many pages requires lots of clicking, which can become frustrating for the customer

  • Item details were shown all on the shopping page, which could make the page too long if there are many products being sold
  • Product photo dimensions are inconsistent (upon clicking)

New Solutions

  • Condensed shopping to one page with different sections (dresses, skirts, accessories, etc.)
  • Designed filigree graphic to help make section headers stand out
  • Color-corrected and cropped product images to be consistent

    Note: Some landscape-oriented photos could not be rescaled in a desirable fashion into portrait-oriented, nor could they be retaken because the products had already been sold. Because of this, some thumbnails had to remain in landscape-orientation.

New Item Details Page Format

  • Products are first shown with one thumbnail image, then taken to a further details page upon clicking
  • Item details page includes a section for additional products

    Note: Because of time constraints, additional items are randomized rather than chosen with a specific pattern

Additional notes: Vectorized client's logo for a cleaner, more modern look; Redesigned site to match look & feel of a lolita clothing manufacturer; Created original filigree graphics to meet client's specifications. Site development by TC Schiller. (May - October 2011)


Designer, Illustrator


Virginia Williams at Il Sangue